Custom Fire Photoshop Brushes

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Set your world on fire with our Custom Fire Brushes for Photoshop!

These brushes will surely heat up any photo easily, and much more safely than a real fire!

For use in Adobe Photoshop

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These custom brushes include premium fire, smoke, and particle brushes for Photoshop.

They are designed to be “painted in” to any setting you’d like to realistically emulate fire, smoke, and small embers that a real fire would have.

  • These brushes were designed in and meant for use in Photoshop.
  • All files are .abr
  • Our brushes add texture, vibrance, and are made to further tell a story.
  • Brushes can add effects after the fact in the editing process such as smoke, lens flares, bokeh, sun rays, rain, fog, particles, fireflies, etc.
  • These brushes are best used with a soft round brush tool. Using blur and other such color grading methods are recommended when appropriate.
  • Are overlays used in Lightroom or Photoshop? Overlays are designed to be compatible for Photoshop.
  • How do I get the overlay onto my image? Simply drag & drop the asset over your photo, then place the image to the desired location. It’s possible some sensible blur, motion blur, or rotations may be needed!
  • If the sizing isn’t ideal for my photo, what can I do to improve it? Leave the size of the overlay smaller- then duplicate it out as needed: ie. 2 or 3 times would be ideal. Then just drag and drop them in a shuffled manner. Use an eraser tool with a soft rounded brush to blend them together.
  • How do I get the colors to look match my image? You can use brush tools to sample the colors in your image by holding down option. Add a new layer and tether that layer to the overlay. Then begin to paint in the color with a brush tool! Try changing the new layer to from “normal” to “overlay" or “screen” to achieve the desired look.