Sky Overlays Bundle

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This bundle contains 25 BEAUTIFUL Sky Overlays made for every lighting scenario! These files are nice and High Resolution, scaling them to fit your photos with ease & no "pixelated" or distorted quality! Breathe NEW LIFE into your images with these amazing skies making your photos more immersive, dynamic, and eye catching 🔥🔥 (Regular Price: $63.00 USD)

For all versions of Adobe Photoshop.

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Inside contains a FULL Editing Tutorial on Sky Replacement in Photoshop!!!! The full pack contains 25 amazing Skies for your replacement pleasures! Here’s a preview of just a few of them!

These files are nice and High Resolution, scaling them to fit your photos with ease & no “pixelated” or distorted quality! (Regular Price: $63.00 USD)

Download Now to get the entire 25 pack of sky overlays PLUS a Free Tutorial on how to implement the skies masterfully in any Photoshop version. Sky Replacement is a form of photo manipulation, the pros use compositing/manipulations in almost every single one of their photos. This bundle will not only introduce you to sky overlays and sky replacement in Photoshop, but will also reveal and demystify how to blend separate images together and cut images to ensure they come together in unity to create a whole new environment and experience for your audiences! Download this bundle now, do not miss out! Level up your content game and become a more masterful content creator!


  • Drag & drop assets, easy to implement!
  • Primarily jpeg images. For jpeg images, change the layer type to “multiply."
  • Designed in Photoshop, made for Photoshop manipulations.
  • Custom built and personally used in our images every single day!
  • Designed to add texture, depth, and to accentuate the overall story of an image.
  • Like most things, use tastefully- these overlays are best used to a sensible degree!
  • Are overlays used in Lightroom or Photoshop? Overlays are designed to be compatible for Photoshop.
  • How do I get the overlay onto my image? Simply drag & drop the asset over your photo, then place the image to the desired location. It’s possible some sensible blur, motion blur, or rotations may be needed!
  • If the sizing isn’t ideal for my photo, what can I do to improve it? Leave the size of the overlay smaller- then duplicate it out as needed: ie. 2 or 3 times would be ideal. Then just drag and drop them in a shuffled manner. Use an eraser tool with a soft rounded brush to blend them together.
  • How do I get the colors to look match my image? You can use brush tools to sample the colors in your image by holding down option. Add a new layer and tether that layer to the overlay. Then begin to paint in the color with a brush tool! Try changing the new layer to from “normal” to “overlay" or “screen” to achieve the desired look.