mattdotgarcia’s TOP 2 Custom Overlays (Freebie!)

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"These custom-made overlays are my absolute favorite and I'm giving them away for a very limited time. I use them very regularly, so the value to me is extremely high as I've gotten great use out of them over the last few years."

"They took a long time to create, can't wait for you to enjoy them as I have!"

For use in Adobe Photoshop

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Simply Change the Layer Type in Photoshop to Lighten or Screen at your judgment!

  • Omega Particles Overlay

  • Master Sun Flare Overlay + Omega Particles!
  • Drag & drop assets, easy to implement!
  • Primarily png images, some are jpeg. For jpeg images, change the layer type to “screen” or “lighten.”
  • Designed in Photoshop.
  • Custom built and personally used in our images every single day!
  • Designed to add texture, depth, and to accentuate the overall story of an image.
  • Like most things, use tastefully- these overlays are best used to a sensible degree!
  • Are overlays used in Lightroom or Photoshop? Overlays are designed to be compatible for Photoshop.
  • How do I get the overlay onto my image? Simply drag & drop the asset over your photo, then place the image to the desired location. It’s possible some sensible blur, motion blur, or rotations may be needed!
  • If the sizing isn’t ideal for my photo, what can I do to improve it? Leave the size of the overlay smaller- then duplicate it out as needed: ie. 2 or 3 times would be ideal. Then just drag and drop them in a shuffled manner. Use an eraser tool with a soft rounded brush to blend them together.
  • How do I get the colors to look match my image? You can use brush tools to sample the colors in your image by holding down option. Add a new layer and tether that layer to the overlay. Then begin to paint in the color with a brush tool! Try changing the new layer to from “normal” to “overlay" or “screen” to achieve the desired look.