About Photography Tutorials & Courses

Photography editing tutorials, courses, and classes are made to holistically improve your skills as a photographer and editor. The goal is to demystify what the pros are doing, teach you the secrets to their success, and train you to then develop your own style, brand, feel, and atmosphere as a creative artist. From shooting and capturing truly stunning images in camera, to editing like a seasoned veteran, courses and tutorials are designed to give you the tools to take raw photos and turn them into masterful works of art.

What editing tools do photographers use? Photographers mostly use desktop software to edit their photos. There are a few apps for mobile that can help you edit on the go such as Lightroom Mobile- but the pros use desktop editing tools such as Lightroom, Photoshop, and several others. The top professionals who have been in the industry for more than just a few years use Photoshop the most due to its power and dynamic range of abilities. With our courses and tutorials, we make learning things like Lightroom and Photoshop very simple and non intimidating. You don’t need years of experience to digest the effective tactics we are able to show you step by step. 

How can I improve my editing skills? Having a teacher who has real results, credibility, and zero hesitation to share what’s behind the curtain is an effective way to learn. Our team has been enthralled in the industry for many years and can show you top methods of editing that paces where you’re at in your photography career.

How can I learn professional photography? Learning photography on your own has been made easier since the internet, yes. New camera and lens prices have also lowered the barrier to entering the world of photography. Learning REAL professional photography however is a beast and is an entirely different world. You need to develop “the eye” that identifies the cleanest shots, the skills to create great planning and storytelling, the creative mind to extract what others can’t out of a scene, and the true craftsmanship to edit that photo into stellar perfection. These things are much harder to learn on your own and can take 5,6,7+ years! Our courses are not about taking shortcuts per-say, but they are a way to truly learn professional levels of photography in a manageable and welcoming way.