The Quarantine Collection

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🤩 SPECIAL QUARANTINE DEAL 🤯 While we're all stuck indoors‼️ 83% OFF ‼️ -- This preset pack includes 12 brand new presets that are extremely clean, very vivid, and incredibly crisp. (Regular Price: $93.00 value)

With the Quarantine Collection, watch new life get breathed into your photos with a simple click of a button. This is a 12-pack, which means more value for your dollar- it will help you to cover a wider variety of lighting situations as well as indoors vs. outdoors in color grading assistance! Try them today on any version of Lr & Ps ACR + Lightroom Mobile!

For any Lightroom Version, the free Lightroom Mobile app, & Photoshop ACR

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Preview just a few of the NEW Quarantine Collection Presets below! 12 Presets total included in this bundle!

Night Blues
Street Steel
Stay in Bed Preset


Afternoon Moods
Our Bedroom Escape
Skin Color & Tones


Indoor Vividness
Backyard Sunset
Perfect Indoor Portrait Lighting

12 Presets total included in this bundle! Download the new Quarantine Collection today to get started on your new transformations!


  • .lrtemplate files are compatible with Lightroom 4,5, & 6. xmp is used for all Lightroom versions in 2018+
  • .XMP files are compatible with Lightroom Desktop and Photoshop Adobe Camera Raw.
  • .DNG files for Lightroom Mobile.
  • Instant download files!
  • These are presets we use on the DAILY!
  • Includes step by step installation details for desktop and mobile.
  • Desktop Lightroom is not required for Lr Mobile presets! You can download right onto your phone!
  • DIFFERENTIATES your photos to look better and different from the masses.
  • The most efficient way to edit your photos and to move seamlessly through your workflow.
  • Truly helps you to make your photos POP, make your images stronger, and make your photos stand out.
  • We have been using this preset pack consistently over the last several years. Over time, they have been perfected and re-perfected again and again. Take advantage of our years of adjustments, learnings, and the improvements we have made to enable this collection to be the best of it’s time!
What versions of Lightroom and Photoshop do the presets work for, do they work for ALL versions both outdated and current? Our presets work for the latest versions of Lightroom & Photoshop ACR. They can work on all versions as long as you have BOTH past and present versions of Lr & Ps. Past versions are no longer available for download- but you can convert the .xmp files to .lrtemplate, etc. Do I need a Lightroom subscription? No, we include mobile presets and the Lightroom mobile app is free so you can get started and get experimenting right away! Do you carry these presets for mobile? Yes, we include the .dng files which are Lightroom mobile compatible. Are these for immediate download? Yes. If updates are made to presets do I receive the updated products? Yes. Often times we make updates to presets and you will receive the new versions at no added cost! Will these presets make my photos perfect after one click? Presets are designed to be templated building blocks, it’s a great place to start your photo off in the right direction. After one click your photo will come to life, but additional love and editing is often required to make your creation become your own and unique! Are these “Photoshop Presets”? These are xmp files which work in Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop! How do I import the presets? We include step by step instructions on importing the presets into Lightroom, Lightroom Mobile, and Photoshop!